Our Care Team

Our caring and compassionate veterinary care team!

Meet the Team of Haiku Veterinary Clinic in Kaneohe! We’re pleased to provide exceptional vet care for your pets!

Please call us at (808) 235-6405 to speak to one of our caring veterinary staff members!

Practice Manager

As a young child, Lisel was inspired to work with animals by her cocker spaniel, Charles Dickens. He was Lisel’s constant companion, allowing himself to be dragged to friends’ houses and brushed like a doll. The unconditional love that Charles Dickens demonstrated confirmed what Lisel had already suspected: that a career in animal care was the only choice for her!

Lisel was born and raised in Oahu. In 2000, she began here at Haiku Veterinary Clinic as a receptionist. It wasn’t long before she was asked to take on the position of Practice Manager. Now, Lisel’s passion for animal care has resulted in a rewarding 15-year career!

Around the clinic, Lisel especially enjoys watching puppies grow up, seeing sick animals get better, and witnessing families bond and thrive over their pets. Seeing generations of families grow up with their furry friends is incredibly special for her.

Lisel is a passionate horseback rider and loves riding in the rain, ranching, and working cattle. She also enjoys traveling, having bonfires on the beach, and spending time with family and friends. Lisel is active in the area’s volunteer community and sits on several boards, including the Windward Veterinary Technician Board; she’s been a member since it was founded!

Assistant Manager 

Pets were always a central part of Jeanne’s family as she was growing up. The older she got, the more she realized that she’d like to be more informed about their care. One of Jeanne’s most trusted friends regularly brought her dog here to Haiku Veterinary Clinic to see Dr. Elison, so she decided to apply for a job!

Jeanne serves as a Administrative Assistant here at the hospital. She enjoys studying medical conditions, administering preventative care, and educating enthusiastic pet owners about the best possible care for their beloved animal companions. She’s also passionate about serving alongside her compassionate and talented coworkers; nothing beats working with a team of animal lovers just like herself!

Lead Veterinary Technician

Growing up in California and Oregon, Kevin and his family always had animals around the house. He’s had a deep respect and love for pets since he can remember, and he’s turned his passion into a career spanning more than 20 years!

Kevin’s Veterinary Technician career began in 1994 when he applied for a job at his local vet’s office in East Honolulu. After four years of service there, he moved on to another clinic in 1998. After another six years, he began at a 24-hour emergency facility in Waipahu, staying there for six years and managing for five. At this point, Kevin had an itch to get back to more one-on-one care with pet patients, so he started here at Haiku Veterinary Clinic in 2011. Now he serves as the clinic’s Lead Veterinary Technician!

As a Tech, Kevin loves to see an animal in poor health leave the clinic feeling better. He’s particularly good at helping cats and dogs feel more comfortable—he’s even been called the “cat whisperer!” Kevin is also passionate about teaching others the fine art of Technician work.

Kevin and his wife, Sara, run an organization called the Love a Cat Charity, which helps control the overpopulation of feral cats in Hawaii. They care for about 300 cats on a daily basis! When he isn’t caring for animals, Kevin enjoys collecting stamps, crafting items from wood, and watching movies.

Lead Veterinary Technician + RVT

Tiana has wanted to work in animal care ever since she was a little girl—she’s been hooked ever since she saw her childhood cat give birth to kittens! Tiana is proud to care for the area’s pets and animal owners as a member of the Haiku Veterinary Clinic team.

From Waipahu, Tiana began her veterinary journey while shadowing a Veterinary Technician during high school. Through her shadowing, she learned of the Veterinary Technician program at Windward Community College and jumped at the chance to apply. Tiana attended the program for three years and graduated with her Technician’s certification in May of 2015.

Tiana first started here at Haiku Veterinary Clinic in March of 2015 while finishing up her studies, and was hired on as a full-time employee in June of that year. She is especially fond of working with clients, and doing labwork examining samples under the microscope, and drawing blood.

Veterinary Technician

Kristianne’s childhood Chihuahua/terrier mix was fiercely protective and loyal to a fault—early on in life, she recognized the true value of our animal companions! Kristianne always knew that she wanted to put her skills to good use by helping others’ pets, and she gets to do just that as a member of Haiku Veterinary Clinic’s care team.

Kristianne is originally from Maui, and moved to Honolulu in 2009 to earn her bachelor’s degree in animal science. She settled in Kaneohe in 2014 and has been gaining experience in the field of veterinary medicine ever since. Now, she’s a Veterinary Assistant and Kennel Technician with the Haiku Veterinary Clinic team!

Aside from her interests in the world of animal care, Kristianne enjoys trying new foods, snorkeling, playing video games, practicing on the guitar, tending to her fish tanks, and spending time with her own pets. She lives with Kainani, a rescued hound mix who is learning more tricks and commands every day, as well as a pair of lovable cats who go by Felix and Piper.

Veterinary Assistant + Receptionist 

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Lead ACT Team Member+ Receptionist

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Animal Care Team Member 

Kristin is a Kaneohe native and the newest member of our Haiku Vet, joining us in June 2020. With a love for animals from a young age, even before she was able to own animals, she knew that she would someday find herself working with them. Years later she found her self pet sitting for some regulars at her previous job and it was then that she knew she had to continue to pursue her dreams of working in the veterinary field.

With possible sights set on veterinary school in the future she is extremely excited to begin her steps towards those goals here with us. 

What she loves most about working with patients is the interactions and difference in personalities. “Some are nervous and some are excited to see me, But I love helping to work with the nervous ones to try and become their friend and soothe their anxiety a little. I love the hands on work with animals to no end”

Kristin loves caring for our boarding pets because they always make her smile. And, s second thing she likes to do at work is cleaning. “I love seeing the clinic as clean as I can get it to be with the time I’m allowed to spare. It keeps me safe, and the little fur babies safe as well,” which is an extremely great trait to have in 2020!  Kristin also loves the pets for the technicians during their exams. f

Her hobbies include watching animal rescue shows like Pitbulls and Parolees, playing games on my Nintendo switch, painting my house, and doing the yard. I often like to try and touch up on my Japanese speaking!

The best and funny experience which she shares with us is her first experience getting peed on by our  cat Pua when I was holding him! He still urinates on me when he is overly excited or loopy from medication. It’s not upsetting, it just makes me laugh and remember my friends dog Sebastian who would only pee on me out of excitement whenever I came to visit.

Animal Care Team Member 

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Animal Care Team Member 

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Ashley grew up with everything from dogs and cats to horses and goats—it wasn’t difficult for her to develop a deep-seated passion for animal care at an early age. She’s been volunteering at animal shelters since she was only 10 years old! Ashley now serves as one of Haiku Veterinary Clinic’s front-desk receptionists.

Ashley was born in Washington, D.C., and spent her childhood years in Maryland before moving to California after getting married. Five years later, her husband was assigned to a base in Hawaii—she’s been here ever since. Ashley has worked in animal shelters since the age of 17, and served in three separate facilities before joining the team here at Haiku Veterinary Clinic. She also volunteers her time to the HiCaliber Horse Rescue when she’s not helping pets and their owners here at the hospital!

Ashley’s interests outside of animal care include horseback riding, reading, cooking and baking, hiking, and kayaking. She and her husband have two dogs at home: Roxy is a feisty Chihuahua/dachshund mix who was adopted from the San Diego Humane Society, and Nani the terrier came from the Hawaiian Humane Society.

Lead Receptionist

Although she’s had a soft spot for animals ever since she was a little girl, Tiffany pursued human healthcare and worked in the medical industry for many years. Eventually, she decided it was time for a change of pace—animal care was the perfect solution! Tiffany is now a receptionist here at Haiku Veterinary Clinic and couldn’t be happier.

Born and raised in Hawaii, Tiffany joined the Haiku Veterinary Clinic family in October of 2015. She’s especially fond of talking with clients and answering questions, and also enjoys doting on the adorable puppies who visit the hospital.

Much of Tiffany’s time outside the clinic is spent with her young daughter and stepson. When she has a moment between her busy work and family life, she enjoys fishing and helping out with her boyfriend’s chickens.



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The Clinic Cat aka The Boss

Meet Tigger! Tigger joined the clinic when he was nine months old, as an adopted kitty. Dr. Elison and the staff took him in and cared for him and he has been here at Haiku ever since! We consider him a big part of our Haiku family! Tigger is now 13 years old, and at times he can be a bit of a drama king.  He is the sweetest boy ever and his personality is one of a kind! You can find Tigger lounging around the clinic, hanging with the groomers, playing with all his toys and getting extra loving from the staff here! His favorite thing to do is yell(meow) at the staff to give him extra snacks!