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There is a certain kinship shared with pets which transcends the human realm. These special creatures pitter patter their way into our hearts and touch our very souls. For many of us, the bond we have with our animal companions is something that reaches well beyond the spoken word yet speaks volumes…with every wag of the tail, wet, slobbery kiss or deep, rumbling purr.

At Haiku Veterinary Clinic, we understand the unbreakable connection you share with your pet because we too are pet owners. What we do here is so more than just a job. It’s a way of life. Improving the lives of animals and their loving owners is what inspires us each and every day.

The next time you’re in the Kaneohe or Windward area, we invite you to stop in and see what we’re all about. We can’t wait to share our love and enthusiasm with you and your special friend and we look forward to partnering with you for many years to come!


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