The popularity of in-home veterinary care is growing for a variety of reasons and can be a great solution for certain pets. It is our duty to provide the best care for your pet, and accommodate them accordingly for what is best for their case. 

Why In-Home Care?

  • In-home visits allow your veterinarian a more complete picture of your pet’s behavior and health, along with potential environmental and lifestyle challenges
  • Accommodating for more Severe/ Hospice type cases 
  • Less Stressful for Shy, scared or skittish pets
  • Great for Elderly pet owners
  • Easier for Larger Pets, with mobility problems
  • Best for Aggressive, unsocialized dogs who could be an danger around other pets in the clinic
  • Great for Multi-pet households, so you do not need to haul all of them into a vehicle 
  • People with hectic or unpredictable schedules
  • Couples with a new baby or young children at home
  • People who do not drive
  • Breeders who don’t want to expose very young animals to other patients

The bigger picture…

For some cases ultimately seeing your pet in his own environment and not under stress gives your veterinarian a more complete picture of the state of his health, which can mean the difference between catching a problem early and a potential misdiagnosis. 

Taking the Lead…

Thanks to Dr. Jensen, she is the leading inspiration to providing this new service to our East Side of O’ahu. With a passion for animal behavior, especially those who suffer from anxiety issues. ” I find that it is just much more relaxing for some pets depending on their cases to receive their care in their own home versus coming into the office. plus I am able to spend more time with them that way,” she says. 

PHOTO| @meetkodapup