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Fall –  Weight Loss Campaign (Closed)

Way too often do we see overweight pets in the clinic.  Just like in humans, obese animals come with a plethora of health issues.  According to Dr. Brooks article on veterinarypartner.com, “Obesity has become an extremely important health problem in the Western world, not just for humans but for dogs and cats as well. Obesity in pets is associated with joint problems, diabetes mellitus, respiratory compromise, and decreased life span; recent estimations suggest that up to 35 percent of dogs and cats in the U.S. suffer from obesity.”

This month we are doing a weight loss challenge!  To motivate clients we are giving away a year supply of food, thanks to our sponsor Hill’s Science diet.

Getting started is EASY!  The challenger must have a current exam within the year.  If they do not have a current exam, just schedule an appointment today!  At the time of the appointment the veterinarian will let you know if the pet needs to lose weight.  An estimation of the pets ideal weight will be given.  To track the progress we will set up monthly reminders for the clients to weigh their pets at home, or at the clinic.  If the pet has a current exam already, then all that needs to be done is to call in to make an appointment for the pet to be seen for the weight loss challenge.  At the time of the appointment suggestions will be made to help guide clients on their journey.

If the pet makes the quota in 6 months time, it will be put in a drawing to win the year supply of food.  Join us on our journey to a happier, healthier, pet!


(We are done taking in applicants for the weight loss challenge.  May the odds be ever in their favor.)